Alligator Candy

10 oz. Choc-O-Gummy Gators

CODE: 2120

Price: $6.99

Here at Anastasia Confections, you can find the sweetest alligator candy in Florida. Our classic 10 oz. Choc-O-Gummy Gators includes a Smooth Milk Chocolate Choc-O-Gator surrounded by delicious Gummy Gator friends! It is packaged in a tray and then sealed in a fun and colorful window box.


This little creature—and his even littler friends—make a great gift for alligator lovers and children. Also, since alligators are one of Florida’s original natives, our delicious Choc-O-Gator makes a great souvenir for people who want to bring back a sweet piece of the Sunshine State with them.