Coconut Bites- Anastasia Confections

3.5 oz. Coco Bites, Milk Chocolate Covered

CODE: 4231

Price: $2.49

If you enjoy our classic Coconut Patties, then you’ll be delighted to try our brand new, irresistible Milk Chocolate Coco Bites. These mouthwatering treats are made up of a creamy coconut center covered in smooth milk chocolate.


Each bite-size piece is packed with flavor and melts in your mouth with its silky milk chocolate exterior and creamy, shredded coconut interior.


Our colorful 3.5 oz. movie-theater box contains approximately 20 Coco Bites sealed in a bag to enhance and prolong freshness. This unique item is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and a great way to make friends (sharing candy goes a long way)!


Our family takes pride in everything we make, using only the utmost quality ingredients. All Anastasia Coconut Patties are certified Kosher Candy (Kosher Dairy).