12 oz. Coco Rhumbies Taste of the Tropics

12 oz. Coco Rhumbies, Taste of the Islands Box (9/Box)

CODE: 7308

Price: $6.49

Every now and then, you get a rumble in your stomach and there’s only one thing on your mind: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! If you can relate, then our Coco Rhumbies were made just for you.


These unique treats are made up of the same delicious coconut cream that’s in our Classic Coconut Patties, but with the addition of natural cocoa powder, crushed vanilla wafers, and a subtle hint of rum flavor. After these are mixed together, the patty is then dipped in rich dark chocolate.


Our fun 12 oz. Taste of the Islands box contains 9 Coco Rhumbies individually wrapped to enhance and prolong freshness. These heavenly treats make a great, unique gift for chocolate lovers.


With their irresistible brownie-like taste, our Coco Rhumbies are packed with flavor and can satisfy even the most stubborn chocolate craving.


Here at Anastasia Confections, our family takes pride in everything we make, using only the utmost quality ingredients.

Fun Fact:

Coconuts are often mistaken as a fruit or a nut (because of its name); however, it surprisingly neither of those. Coconuts are actually seeds. Yes, you can plant a coconut husk and watch it grow! But we hope you have patience! It takes about 7 years before you start seeing any coconuts.