Anastasia Confections Factory

About Anastasia Confections, Inc.

How It All Began

The founder of Anastasia Confections, Inc. was first inspired after managing a tourist gift shop in Pompano Beach, Florida in the early 1980’s. During that time, several visitors came into his store frustrated and unable to find quality candy gifts and souvenirs to bring home from their vacation.


Seizing the opportunity, he decided to create a premium candy line specifically for Florida tourists that focused on better tasting candy, higher quality ingredients, and more appealing packaging.


From his kitchen, he cooked up the first batch of Fudge-A-Gators™. Less than a year later, he perfected one of Florida’s staple candies and added the now-famous creamy Coconut Patties to his growing line of products. The confections were first sold through his tourist shop, but it wasn’t long before many other local shops and citrus stores picked them up as well. Anastasia Confections was officially incorporated in 1984.


Where We Are Now

What started as a small kitchen operation has now grown into one of Florida’s most distinguished chocolate and specialty candy manufacturers.


Today, Anastasia Confections is located in Orlando, Florida in the heart of the theme parks and attractions. The candies are made fresh daily in a state-of-the-art 80,000 Square Foot facility.


Within the last decade, our unique and delicious candies have crossed the state and even country borders. They are currently carried by several mainstream retailers across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Our line now includes the famous creamy Coconut Patties, Chocolate Alligators, Salt Water Taffy, Coco Rhumbies, and Jelly Citrus Candies. From the airports to the theme parks to the small shops down the street, the Anastasia Confections brand is now recognized worldwide.


Since the very beginning, our company has been committed to the development of innovative gourmet candy, coconut candy, and chocolate gift products. The Anastasia Confections family takes pride in each and every product. Using time-tested and proven recipes with only the finest ingredients, you can expect nothing less than the very highest quality and freshness in every bite!