Chocolate Alligator

3 oz. Six Baby Choc-O-Gators

CODE: 2123

Price: $4.99

Here at Anastasia Confections, you can find the sweetest gators in Florida. Our classic Six Baby Choc-O-Gators are made up of 3 oz. of solid, smooth milk chocolate and are packaged in a bright and colorful window box.


These little creatures make a great gift for alligator lovers and children. Also, since alligators are one of Florida’s original natives, our delicious Choc-O-Gator makes a great souvenir for people who want to bring back a sweet piece of the Sunshine State with them.


Not only do they taste delicious, but after the chocolate is gone, kids (and adults with imagination) can reuse the mold and fill it with whatever they want to make--anything from alligator ice cubes to Jell-O filled gators!